Notting Hill Farmers’ Market

Notting Hill Farmers' Market has been running since September 1999, and has a dedicated following of eager market shoppers. It is one of the area's best kept secrets, tucked away behind the tube, and locals want to keep it that way.

Many farmers who attend now have permanent spaces for them reserved in Notting Hill fridges and larders, including Olive Farm, with their fresh milk, cream, yoghurt and cheese from their herd of Guernsey cows. Fruit grower David Deme stall is now such a part of the local fabric of the area that he's opened a shop next to the market!

This market takes place in a public car park and therefore well behaved dogs are very welcome.

Market events coming up:

Thank you for voting for your favourite stall at market; the 2015 winner is Hurdlebrook Dairy

For updates on the Notting Hill Farmers' Market, see the dedicated Facebook page.

Produce available at Notting Hill:

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Producers selling at Notting Hill. Most attend weekly:

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