Why can’t I buy food before the market opens?

Shops have opening hours and so do we. Stalls like to be set up before the market opens and if customers arrive early it slows down the setting up of the market. There are also lots of vehicles moving around before market so it’s important the market is safe before we start to sell. Farmers have to get up early to get to market if customers come earlier then farmers will have to as well and who will feed the animals?

Why are olives and exotic fruits not on offer?

We only sell foods grown in the UK and any added value goods like preserves must contain 50% or more locally sourced ingredients. The markets are designed to support local growers and local food. There are plenty of other food markets in London which sell great olives and tropical fruit if you want to buy them. Farmers Markets should only sell local food like a butcher sells meat.

Are your hygiene standards lower than supermarkets standards?

All food businesses have to be registered with their local Council and are subject to routine inspections by their environmental health officers. No food business can sell at the markets unless they are registered. Our markets are also inspected regularly. We have to comply with the same regulations as any other food retailer.

Are your markets Organic?

No, but many organic businesses choose to sell through our markets. Only certified organic farmers and food producers can claim to be organic so they must display a valid certificate on their stall. We support all types of farming and food production and have minimum high standards, for example all poultry production on our markets must be free range. See our rules for more information.

What do you have against dogs, why can’t I bring mine to market?

Many of our sites are in school playgrounds and head teachers have banned dogs from entering just as a precaution. We know that most dog owners are very responsible but most customers do not like seeing animals around food and for that reason we ask you to tie up your dogs outside.

Why isn't my local farmers' market listed on your website?

All the markets we run are listed on our site. There are lots of markets in London that call themselves farmers' markets but ours are Certified by FARMA so you know you can trust them.

Do farmers markets take trade away from local shops?

Most research has shown that farmers markets increase footfall in an area and actually increase trade for local businesses by as much as 20 – 30 %. Farmers markets are a destination and reduce the number of people that go to supermarkets for a weekly shop.

How do you know that stalls grow their own food?

We inspect their premises and check their paperwork, no one sells at our markets unless they have been inspected and routine inspections are carried out.



Rhubarb in the Spring, strawberries from May, rasperries, blueberries, currants, following on, cherries in July and fresh apples from August, blackberries, pears and plums in September. A huge range of fruit with varieties you'll never find in a supermarket.

(19 producers, click for list)


All the eggs at our farmers' markets are free range or organic. You won't find fresher unless you keep your own hens!

(24 producers, click for list)

Breads and Cakes

Local artisan bakers with a huge range of breads from tradtional bloomers to gluten free. Home baked cakes using free range or organic eggs and local ingredients where possible. Look out for seasonal specials.

(34 producers, click for list)

Honey / Preserves

Local beekeepers selling London and regional honey. Preserves made using locally grown fruit and vegetables

(25 producers, click for list)


Shellfish and wet fish sold fresh from their day boats, caught from the south and east coast. To sell at our markets fishermen must have a licensed fishing vessel. Storms and strong winds sometimes stops fish getting to market but you'll usually find a good seasonal range.

(8 producers, click for list)
cooked food

Cooked Local Foods

Everything from pies and soups to hand made pasta, all made using local ingredients

(44 producers, click for list)

Beef / Lamb / Pork

All our beef, lamb and pork come from high welfare farms. Look out for rare breeds and a huge selection of sausages. All farmers hang their beef for improved flavour and texture. Some cut on site. Order those more unusual cuts direct from the farm.

(31 producers, click for list)

Vegetables and Salads

Cut or picked within hours of a market ensures great tasting vegetables and salads. Because they're so fresh salads keep well in the fridge.

(34 producers, click for list)


Juice, cider and wine, all made by the farmer and grower using their own fruit.

(17 producers, click for list)

Garden Plants and Cut Flowers

Get expert advice from the growers and enjoy cut flowers that last for ages. You'll find specialist nurseries at our markets with fantastic ranges. Don't miss our annual garden plant fairs in the Spring.

(24 producers, click for list)

Cheese and Dairy

All sold by the farmers using milk from their own herds. You'll find a huge range of award winning cheddars, unpasteurised milk and cream, buffalo, cow and goats cheese and yogurt.

(18 producers, click for list)

Poultry / Game

All poultry is free range or organic. Game is wild and seasonal.

(23 producers, click for list)

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