Our farmers’ markets offer the freshest local food to Londoners every week. Meet the farmers, fishermen, growers and bakers who all share a passion for home grown products.

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Who's your favourite at market?

January 10, 2017

It's that time of year again.

Favourite stall


Do you have a favouite stall? Someone you always make a beeline for whether it's for a string of sausages, the freshest fish, or a bag of seasonal apples.  Tell us the name of your favourite stall and we'll enter you into a draw to win a goodie bag of farmers market produce. You can email us directly; vote@lfm.org.uk or sign up at your favourite market from this weekend. If you're emailing us please tell us;

The name of the farmers market

The name of the stall

Why you're voting for them

Your name and full postcode

Competition closes 19th February 2017

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Happy New Year 2017!

January 03, 2017

Markets start back this weekend. Some farmers and producers are still away so your market may be a little smaller than usual

Malcolm Stone; Pippins Orchard

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Time Out Best Shop Awards; we won!

November 15, 2016

Thank you  so much if you voted for your favourite farmers market in the Time Out best shop award.

Time Out Best Shop Awards winner

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