Marylebone Farmers’ Market

Marylebone Farmers' Market put the 'Marylebone Village' on the map as a destination for great food. On Sundays, the market site usually has between 30 and 40 stalls and is heaving with locals doing their weekly shopping, as well as food enthusiasts from all over the capital.

There is a good reason why the market attracts so many people from far and wide. There is something for everyone, whether it be Adrian Izzard's unusual salad leaves, James Coe's outstanding beef and lamb, a mushroom sandwich from The Mushroom Table, or freshly shucked oysters from Simon Long.

This market takes place in a car park and well behaved dogs are welcome.

Market events coming up:

Fresh, hot coffee at Marylebone from Sunday 2nd Feb courtesy of Brinkworth Dairy, and Bath Soft Cheese.  Unprocessed, truly fresh, not mucked around with; non-homogenised milk from Chad Cryer of Brinkworth Dairy and organic milk from Hugh Padfield’s Bath Soft Cheese dairies comes straight from the farm to the market. A small supply chain so a better quality product.

Brinkworth also sell their whole, semi skimmed or skimmed non-homogenised pasteurised fresh milk at Marylebone. We’re hoping that the organic Park Farm (Bath Soft) will follow suit.

It's a hard job for them rearing livestock, producing milk, making cheese and getting to market so it's quite impressive that they'll be making coffee too!       1st, 3rd and 5th  Sundays                  2nd and 4thSundays

You can also buy unpasteurised milk from Hurdlebrook Dairy on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month;

Unpasteurised organic cow and buffalo milk from Alham Wood Dairy  every week;

Organic, unpasteurised milk from Lincolnshire Poachers on the 4th Sunday of the month

We like these ideas using seasonal winter veg, game and fish at Marylebone Farmers Market, thanks Frank

 For updates on the Marylebone Farmers' Market, see the dedicated Facebook page.

Produce available at Marylebone:

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Producers selling at Marylebone. Most attend weekly:

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