What Can I Buy?

cooked food

Cooked Local Foods

Pies, hand made pasta, soups, samosas and much more; all made using local ingredients.

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Eggs at our farmers' markets are free range or organic. You won't find fresher unless you keep your own hens! Look out for goose and duck eggs, and occasionally you'll find turkey and pheasant eggs.

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Shellfish and wet fish fresh from day boats, caught from the south and east coast. To sell at our markets fishermen must have a licensed fishing vessel. Storms and strong winds sometimes stops fish getting to market but you'll usually find a good seasonal range.

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Rhubarb in the Spring, strawberries from May, rasperries, blueberries, currants, following on, cherries in July, fresh apples from August, blackberries, pears and plums in September. A huge range of fruit with varieties you'll never find in a supermarket.

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Honey / Preserves

Local beekeepers selling London and regional honey. Preserves made using locally grown fruit and vegetables.

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Beef / Lamb / Pork

All of our beef, lamb and pork come from high welfare farms. the majority of pork is free range, some is barn raised. Look out for rare breeds and a huge selection of sausages. All farmers hang their beef for improved flavour and texture. Some cut on site. Order those more unusual cuts direct from the farm.

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Vegetables and Salads

Cut or picked within hours of a market ensures great tasting vegetables and salads. Because they're so fresh salads keep well in the fridge.

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Breads and Cakes

Local artisan bakers with a huge range of real bread from traditional bloomers to gluten free. Home baked cakes using free range or organic eggs and local ingredients where possible. Look out for seasonal specials.

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Garden Plants and Cut Flowers

Get expert advice from the growers and enjoy seasonal cut flowers that last for ages. You'll find specialist nurseries at our markets with fantastic ranges of plants, all grown within our region.

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Poultry / Game

All poultry is free range or organic. Game is wild and seasonal. Look out for squirrel and rook at some markets.

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Juice, cider and wine, all made by the farmer and grower using their own fruit. Beer and spirits made by craft brewers within our region.

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Cheese and Dairy

Direct from the farmer using milk from their own herds. You'll find a huge range of award winning cow and goats milk cheeses, unpasteurised milk and cream, butter and yogurt.

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