Pasta E Basta

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Pasta e Basta (translates "just pasta"), as the name suggests, is a stall selling fresh pasta, gnocchi and anything to go with it - different varieties of pestos and pasta sauces. From his kitchen in East London Fabrizio makes his products fresh from scratch using freshly cracked free-range eggs, locally sourced meat and seasonal vegetables. Grab a box of his famous beetroot gnocchi or squid ink tagliolini for a quick and delicious meal at home. And if you're up for a quick bite and a cooking lesson - watch him whip you up a dish using his own products. No surprise Pasta e Basta has been featured among London's Top 3 ravioli in the Evening Standard magazine.

In addition, they're keen to be as sustainable as possible. Their hot food takeaway containers and plates are made of sugar bagasse and are compostable. Cutlery is made of plant starch.

You'll also get money back if you return empty pesto and pasta sauce jars which are cleaned and sterilised before re-using.

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