5th May 2022

Imperial will be back in September

Willesden; watch this space we're hoping to have news this week

Walthamstow refresh; 8 new stalls, 2 returning stalls going in from 8th May, together with a door to door leaflet drop (around 15,000 households) plus social media campaign and new signs.

Leytontone; book signing with local cook book author 29th May, door to door leaflet drop, instagram competition with publisher, social media and new signs

Door to door leaflets planned for all markets this month.

The recent planning application for Blackheath station car park; It has not been put in by us, we will be responding to our landlords. We have no intention to extend market hours and a Saturday market selling something different is one thing but not an additional farmers market!!

April 2022

COUNTERFIT £20 notes in circulation & pick pockets at markets

Fake £20's were being passed recently. They are plastic and good enough to pass a quick inspection, especially with serving gloves on.

The easiest way to tell is on the serial no. It is not sharp, it's printed on top rather than into and the letters are not continuous.... rather faded. Britannia is not golden but yellow and she is badly defined. No crispness. The overall colour of the notes is a little dark. This is the advice from The Bank of England, please share with your staff.

5 traders took these, all in response to a small purchase. No one has to accept £20 notes if you don't want to, and only want to take card payments.

Sadly pick pockets have been active at some markets. PLEASE tell everyone working for you. Money has been taken from pockets of jackets so do constant checks on your money belts and not to leave any money in view. A cash box was stolen last week. Please don't use them!

If anyone has money taken please report to the police and get the crime reference number or call them yourself. If it's not reported, the police can't log it against any future incidents.

Road closures

Ride London to Essex; Sun 29th May, there will be some road closures, see here to check if you'll be affected.


When was the last time you checked your prices? Clearly it’s an important time to check that your prices are covering costs. To help we thought we’d share some current Waitrose prices below to help with benchmarking, also if you get time, pop into other independent retailers like wholefoods to see what they are charging

Minced Beef £10.63 per kg £4.25 (400g)

Sirloin Steak £33 per kg £5.94 per steak

Organic pork sausages £11.03 per kg

Free range pork sausages £8.75 per kg

Organic back bacon £24.46 per kg

Free range back bacon £19 per kg

Organic whole chicken £8.50 per kg

Free range whole chicken £6.90 per kg £10.90 average

Large organic eggs 6 £2.80

Onions 0.92 per kg 14p per onion loose

Organic onions £1.87 per kg £1.40 per 750g bag

Carrots 0.60 per kg 8p per carrot loose

Organic carrots £1.70 per kg 1.10 for 650g bag

Beetroot £3.60 per kg £1.80 bunch of three

Kale £10.67 per kg £1.60 for 150g bag

Organic kale £9.45 per kg £1.70 for 180g bag

Organic rocket bagged £2.15 per kg £1.50 for 70g bag

Pak Choi £6.81 per kg £1.60 for 235g bag

Purple Sprouting Broccoli £10.87 per kg £2.50 for 230g tray

Rhubarb £8.75 per kg £3.50 for 400g

Organic Apples £6.25 per kg £2.50 per bag minimum of four

Early British Strawberries £13.46 per kg £3.50 punnet

Early Season British Asparagus £17.50 per kg £3.50 bundle of ten spears


Stall fees are still based on sales, even though we don’t expect weekly adjustments now that they are collected by direct debit. So stall audits will continue as before to ensure that our fees are in line with sales and that we can see how markets are performing. Mangers will also be asking you for monthly sales reports from your card readers which will help to avoid full audits.


If we make a mistake on payments please contact [email protected] We will refund for genuine sickness and problems but not routine cancellations or your own scheduling errors. We require you provide 10 days notice for a cancellation, which is a reasonable time for us to find a replacement, short notice cancellation due to a bit of rain or regular staff problems is chargeable


They will remain the same for at least the next 12 months – we have only just received planning permission so need to test a full year


We know its been a hard few months and so we will be giving it a marketing boost starting from the 8th of May with a few new stalls, door to door leaflet drop and reaching out to new communities.

Ealing and Islington are also having gaps filled with new stalls going in.

Imperial college CONFIRMED FOR September, please let us know if you're interested in attending.


We are encountering stalls selling out an hour early and packing up and leaving, clearly this won’t help your business build sales or help the market to attract more customers. We understand it's sometimes hard to judge but get your staff to report what time they sell out and adjust stock accordingly. As the better weather approaches and we restart our marketing expect the markets to see an increase in sales, if you have a good week put on more stock the following week.


You should have the information for your drivers for each market, if not contact the office for an update. Please don’t drop off or arrive at sites early, we get complaints from neighbours and local authorities.


All of our markets have strict start and end times, on our market licences. Please can you remind everyone on your stall only to sell during the market hours. If in doubt they can check with the market manager. In addition to our market licences, having a set time means you know when you need to be ready to sell so you have time to get your display ready (and get some breakfast!) and put out prices. Customers know when the market opens and closes so there is no confusion.




Plenty of it around at the moment and there is a time and a place for everyone’s views but we don’t allow campaigning on our sites for any cause no matter how worthy, this saves arguments and is fair to everyone- so no signs and banners please.


Let us know in advance if you are planning or have a new product line – we will add it to your record and may ask to see evidence that it complies with the rules. We can then promote it and it saves any confusion or delays in restricting its sale

March 2022

OUR DEDICATED FARMER PRODUCER LINE IS 020 7833 5007 MON- FRI 9-5 [email protected]


Markets and Imperial news

We're giving Walthamstow a boost with 5-6 new stalls & a leaflet drop 8th May

T&Cs on direct debits

Please see the revised document HERE which covers all points on direct debits.

Remember that payment is not collected on the day you receive the notification from us, it is collected 3 days later. We still require 10 days notice for a change to your schedule.

Jubilee Weekend in June

The markets will be open as usual. Please let us know ASAP if you're not planning to attend.

Christmas 2022

Markets will trade as normal on Saturday 24th December with some extra markets will take place on Thursday 22nd for closed Sundays; - Marylebone, Blackheath, Queens Park, Leytonstone, High Street Ken and Islington.

Evening Markets

They were fun but a lot of work and they reached a peak during lockdowns and then never really recovered. We currently don't have enough interest from stalls to run 'Lates' this year and will focus our attention on boosting weekend markets with what could be a tough trading period ahead.


We are are working on more stalls for the spring season and it will receive a good publicity boost in the spring with more signs and leafleting. We realise that the extra competition in the area is making trading harder.

Windy weather requirements

A gazebo blew away at Leytonstone recently, please advise your team to be extra careful when you're setting up and breaking down gazebos, at the point when weights are removed and your canopies are vulnerable. Minimum requirements for weights are in the revised handbook HERE on page 8. If you don't bring enough weights you might be asked to take your canopy down.


No vouchers are being issued by us any longer and not accepted by LFM going forward

Your news

Customer news is being sent out monthly on average. If you have any news you'd like shared with customers, please try to give us at least two weeks notice rather than telling us late on a Friday afternoon.

Manager contacts; latest updated list please see here

For all correspondence on markets issues please use [email protected]. Ian's personal email is not in use. Jamie will be pleased to help with all of your queries on scheduling / payments and any other queries.

Jan 2022


The car park operators at both sites have moved to ANPR ( automatic number plate recognition ) This means if you have been parking without paying or in unpermitted places you will now be charged. We have little control over how these fees / charges will be implemented.


NEW JAN UPDATE. All traders accessing the car park for any reason MUST submit their licence plate to LFM to avoid being charged. If you change vehicles and do not inform us of the new registration in time we cannot guarantee you wont be charged. Please send your vehicle registration plate ASAP to [email protected] so that we can organise your exemption.

For all stalls wanting to park all day YOU MUST now pay for parking to cover the duration of your stay. You may be fined if you don't purchase a ticket, this is a permanent change- follow the instruction in the car park - this includes vehicles behind stalls and all other locations in the car park

We are also continuing to remind customers and stallholder that since weekend charges were introduced, parking on the streets outside the car park is free.

Notting Hill

No one is permitted to park in the service road at the back of the shops or under the building – if you do you may receive a fine as cameras are now installed. These parking restriction have always been in place but have been largely ignored by most businesses. This may also include parking behind stalls too. Loading times are now strictly 6.30 - 9.15 and 12.45- 2.30pm if you park or block the service road outside of these times you may receive a PCN


There is metered parking Uxbridge Street and other street or a pay and display car park on Bayswater Road or at Kensington Town Hall.


Please watch out for this man at markets. The picture is from 2016 but he was recognised at one of our markets last weekend where he employed a scam that he has successfully used to con stall holders in the past, he generally wears a tracksuit and can have a small beard and glasses. He pretended to be a mechanic who had been told to get money from a stall for repair of a company vehicle which had broken down. He does his research and knows the names of people in the company and when challenged will pretend to have a 'phone conversation with the stallholder's boss. He is very plausible. Please warn your stallholders about him, and tell them that if they see him or he attempts to con them they should tell the market manager and other stallholders as soon as they can because if he fails at one stall he doesn't leave, he moves on to another that is out of sight of the first and tries again.

Fraudster 2016 picture

RBKC are consulting on plans for the permanent pedestrianisation of Bute Street.
This might include resurfacing and providing some trees and seating. We have been involved in early discussions with the Council to try and ensure that the proposed changes help the market as well or are at least neutral.

The link for the consultation document  is HERE.

We unfortunately have major concerns with the proposals.

RBKC have not offered us a cast iron guarantee to protect the farmers market and we therefore will be objecting to the proposals for the following reasons:

  • Reduction in stall space leading to smaller stalls and a reduction in stall numbers on the market meaning less choice for customers and potentially lower sales for stalls, undermining the viability and stability of the market.
  • A possible 6 month building programme with no information on how this might be managed or if the market is required to move and no temporary location for the market. No guarantee that the farmers market won’t need to close for at least 6 months
  • Less flexible space for restaurant seating and servicing.
  • Less space to service the market and shops making servicing access more difficult especially from Old Brompton Road

The proposals could easily include more answers / solutions to the above concerns, but they do not. For the sake of some benches and trees the Council are putting the future of the farmers market at risk which is worrying for us, and we are sure it will be for you too. There is an option to allow stalls to spill out on to Harrington Road that isn’t mentioned in the consultation document and currently we have no guarantees this will happen if the project goes ahead.

We urge you to respond to the consultation, objecting to them in their current form and requesting they are revised to include the following:

The addition of 4 market stall spaces on Harrington Road to ensure stall numbers are not reduced.
A guaranteed temporary place for the market to move to if the works go ahead.
A more flexible space for stalls and for restaurant seating and easier access for vehicle servicing from Old Brompton
Fewer planters and fewer cycle racks to continue to ensure that the market can operate with the same number of stalls.

If the Council cannot provide these simple guarantees then we would prefer the street to remain as it is which works perfectly fine for retailers and the market.

The place to send your views is to [email protected]

Farming Investment Fund

The Government are offering grants for investing in new technology see here

There is a £27 million pot to invest in productivity boosting equipment. Farmers are being urged to apply for grants to buy new equipment and infrastructure to help improve efficiency and build greener.

Ultra Low Emission Zone is in operation – operating 24 hours, seven days a week (except Christmas Day) and covering all areas within the North and South Circular roads. TfL is urging drivers to use its online vehicle checker to make sure they don’t get caught out.

You can see the full release HERE

Food Safety Training from The Safer Food Group

They've been in touch to offer the following;

If purchased directly from their website (, courses are priced as below:

Level 2 Food Hygiene: £12 + VAT

Level 2 Allergy Awareness (inc. Natasha’s Law): £12 + VAT

Level 2 Health & Safety: £12 + VAT

Level 2 HACCP: £12 + VAT

Level 3 Food Hygiene: £89 + VAT

If purchased by NMTF members through their website, Level 2 courses are available at £10 + VAT, and Level 3 at £75 + VAT.


Leaflet drops were delivered in September at Islington, Queens Park, Balham, Pimlico, High St Kensington, South Kensington, Walthamstow and Wimbledon.

Allergens labelling came into force 1st October. Please be ready if you're bringing packaged foods. See HERE.

Looking for staff?

Try Roots for Work. It's a platform to find people who are looking for sustainable food jobs in the UK and if you need quick agency staff to fill in try SYFT

Aug 2021

Fake £20 alert; a well dressed man, with a red wallet full of cash all £20, came to Blackheath when it was really busy. Please be aware they're circulating.

Face coverings

The legal requirement to wear a face covering has ended. Government guidance says it "expects and recommends" the continued wearing of masks in crowded areas. Continue to wear one if it makes you feel comfortable.

Save the date!

The news this week is that 19th July marks the end of COVID restrictions. Whilst the Government says they're 'very confident' that lockdown restrictions will be lifted then who knows if this will be the case!

We all still need to be cautious so please; continue to wear face coverings and keep your distance. Outdoors is safer and customers know that. We will still keep an eye on queues especially for hot food and maintain layouts that spread out as much as possible. Some councils will be slow to relax their requirements so expect some differences across markets. We have to follow each local authorities advice across London and there are variations. Where cafes have offered the use of toilets again we have removed portaloos as real loos are far more sanitary then temporary ones.

Plastic bag charges; a reminder that there is a new law in place which means you must charge 10p per bag; there are some caveats in place where you don't need to charge so please read.

There are 5 Saturdays and 4 Sundays this month! Please be aware especially if you're still in an attending every other week mindset because you may be turned away from your market if you turn up on the wrong week.

July the 31st is the 5th Saturday and August the first is the 1st Sunday so if you are not a weekly stall your delivery schedule may need adjusting through August. Please plan for this and if in doubt please call us!

Notting Hill; Thank you for your patience whilst we deal with fly tipping issues at Notting Hill. We’d like to remind all farmers and producers that market waste should be taken away after market rather than adding to the existing problem.

Acceptable behaviour. This time last year we had to include a link to our rules about acceptable behaviour at markets. Sadly we've got to do so again.

Please refer to rule 20 that you agreed to when you accepted our offer to trade at the markets. Such behaviour or threats in any work place or public place will not be tolerated in relation to anyone at the markets including other stallholders, our staff, market managers and customers. We will take swift action against anyone / any business engaging or ignoring this sort of behaviour to ensure it does not take place on the markets.

Direct Debit Project Update; Our Islington and Twickenham markets are having fees collected by Direct Debit now. This means no more payments at market, just turn up, trade and go. No carrying cash or cheques to pay the fees and no counting money out at market.

South Kensington fees will be collected by Direct Debit from the 3rd of July with High Street Kensington, Queens Park and West Hampstead markets planned for August. In September we will be busy with the launch of the new markets and re-opening of Imperial & Bloomsbury (see below) so roll-out will then pause until October.

Gated sites; often our managers are waiting a long time for drivers to turn up to pick up your kit. Please can you ask your staff to take their kit outside the market and not leave on site. This only applies to gated sites.

New markets; we're hoping to open new markets in September and reopen Imperial and Bloomsbury. Please talk to Ian if you're interested in attending.

Consumers are turning to local products and 'clean' labels. The latest survey shows that people are keener than ever on local produce, but they're also getting better at reading labels and paying attention to what's on them.

On the 1st October 2021 new legislation will be introduced to ensure that foods pre-packed for direct sales will have a full list of ingredients and allergins displayed clearly on the packaging. If you're not already doing this please make sure that you get your labelling up to date in time for the change in law.

June 2021

With the relaxation many customers will have no doubt left the capital to see family and friends or to go on holiday, this has impacted on sales and this half term holiday could be quiet too. However on the bright side a lot of staycations are planned this summer as air travel still looks very risky, this should mean a busier July and August, keep us posted on how its going through the summer. To help with this lull we are carrying out leaflet distributions across all markets to help give the markets a push and attract new customers.

Leaflet drops in June at Blackheath, Ealing, Marylebone, Parliament Hill, Twickenham, West Hampstead.

AA signs applied for in Balham, South Kensington and Pimlico.

Lamp post banners going up at Swiss Cottage and applied for in Walthamstow and Parliament Hill.

Leaflet drops in September at Islington, Notting Hill, Queens Park, Balham, Notting Hill/High St Kensington, Wimbledon.

Direct Debit Payments have started at Islington farmers market. The introduction has gone very smoothly so far and Twickenham farmers market will follow from June with all the other markets gradually moving away from cash on the day payments over the next 12 months. We still have a few issues to sort out with the reports managers submit to us but that won't impact on your payments. The move away from cash has been dramatic in the last year and this is the best solution all round, it means a fairly automated process each week which ensures you no longer have to deal with lots of receipt stubs each week and you also do not need to remember to pay lots of weekly invoices. Less paperwork all round which has to be a good thing. If you have comments about these changes please get in touch. Please make sure you report to us in advance if you plan to miss a market or you will be charged.

Weekday markets at Bloomsbury and Imperial are pencilled in for September- If the students are there we want to be there too. A new market for September is on the cards for Saturdays in Willesden, information will be sent out soon. We are working on some other ideas for September too.

Plastic bag charges; new law in place which means you must charge 10p per bag; there are some caveats so please read.

May 2021

Sampling on stalls

Sampling can resume from this weekend but the following rules must be observed by stallholders. These rules are permanent and will apply to sampling after covid recedes.

1 - Individual samples only, provided from the stall direct to a customer- no communal bowls or plates with samples on out front for people to touch.

2 - No cocktail sticks or plastic sampling cups are permitted, they create too much waste which is dropped on the ground and difficult to clear up after market. Chip forks or wooden coffee stirrers may be used instead of a cocktail stick

3 - Customers must be handed their sample on a napkin or in a paper condiment cup for drinks.

Drink sample cups can be found here:


Stalls will be allowed to serve hot food open for consumption on the market again from Saturday 22nd May. You must continue to ensure that your cooking arrangements remain covid secure:

1 - Staff must wear masks

2 - No communal condiments out front. You must ask customers if they want ketchup / relish and serve it for them. Again, this is a permanent change to the way we work.

3 - Queens Park. Stalls serving to the outside of the market at Queens Park must continue to do so.

Plastic bag charges; new law in place please read.

Plastics and packaging

The latest research shows that consumers are still very passionate about saving the planet see HERE.

They want to be able to buy produce in earth friendly packaging, or to be able to use their own bags and containers which we very much encourage. More info on packaging in the March news below.

March 2021

Favourite stall

All banners are out. If you've not received yours yet please let us know. If you've not sent us a photo of your winning banner please do.

Face coverings

Thank you for wearing a face covering at market; it makes customers feel more secure shopping at your stall. We know it's not the law but there's been lots of discussions about it including comments on The Today Programme from The Chief Medical Officer, Professor Chris Whitty. If you're selling hot food you must wear one.

Card readers

If you don't have one on your stalls please make sure you get one! We recommend Square.

Sneeze guards

Please don't forget yours if you're bringing ready to eat foods, breads, quiches, cakes etc. You can use plastic film or a barrier, whichever is easiest for you but you MUST do it at every market you attend.


A new batch of vouchers are in circulation to customers who won the favourite stall competition at your market. If you receive one in payment can you please send a photo of them together with your bank details and which market, so that we can make payment to you.

On the ground?

If you're selling at a market where customers are bringing dogs in please don't put crates on produce at ground level unless you want bread/fruit/veg to be peed on! Please put produce at least 3 crates above ground level.

Music at markets

It's a sensitive issue which is why we only have live music at certain markets and none at others. We've not had music during the COVID crisis because we want customers to leave, not linger. Please check with the market manager before playing loud music on speakers or phones.


Flowers; if you're still using plastic film that can't be recycled can you consider this?

Kampac Eco Disposables.

If you're looking for a new packaging supplier, Kampac have got in touch with us. They supply eco-friendly compostable and sustainable food packaging.

[email protected] or call them on 0203 795 8217

If you're packaging products can you please make it clear whether the packaging can be recycled?

Social Media

Some of you have dedicated staff who do your posts and social media for you. Please can you share their contact details with Cheryl so that she can contact them directly?

Mission Kitchen, a new commercial kitchen and flexible workspace for food entrepreneurs is opening this spring by New Covent Garden Market in Vauxhall. They're the place for small businesses, growing brands and professional food makers of every kind in need of proper kitchen space to upgrade their prep, production or product development. They also want to make food fairer, actively supporting business owners and learners from under-represented groups, providing bursaries to people who otherwise might not be able to pay for membership, and providing training and mentorship to help people develop the skills they need to start a business.

To celebrate their launch, they are inviting a limited number of founding members to join them for an exclusive two month soft launch period, joining a hand-picked group of food entrepreneurs with early access to the site, half-price membership, exclusive offers and the chance to shape what Mission Kitchen becomes. Head over to their page or website at

Your news

We're sending emails to customers weekly and it would be great to have your news to share with them. Did last weeks storms affect you? Whether it's what you're planting, what's happening on your farms and fishing boats, cuts of meat you want to promote, a new product, something coming into season please let us know.

Jan 2021

Happy New Year!

The good news is that markets remain open during this current period of lockdown. We must however increase our focus on the markets being a safe environment for customers and stallholders.

For hot food stalls this means food must be served in closed containers and customers told that they must not eat it on site. Managers will stop hot food stalls from cooking if their queue is long and interferes with customer flow or if customers are staying on the market to eat so please ensure the message is clear to customers that they must take their food away and manage your queues. If you are preparing hot food to eat you must now wear a face covering

We ask that all stallholders wear face coverings during market hours and, while we understand that they are not mandatory, we would strongly recommend wearing them. Customers feel safer when people are wearing them and we have good evidence that customers are beginning to avoid stalls where staff are not wearing a face covering so this is will affect your business.

22nd December Tier 4

Markets remain open as an essential service as they did during Lockdown, the dates below and above are still accurate. Temporary toilets will be reinstated ASAP in January at markets where they are required. We would urge you to consider additional screens and masks for your staff in the NEW YEAR. A 'nearly' normal service will resume with all markets open as usual on the 2nd and 3rd January 2020. Further updates about any changes will be posted here on the 5th January 2021

17th December 

A huge thank you to all of you for selling under extreme conditions this year. It's not been easy for any of us.

There have been some huge positives too High Street Ken has got off to a great start and its been really good to see Balham and Blackheath doing so well.

We've received so many compliments from customers, delighted to see you, happy to be able to buy fresh, seasonal produce, to chat with you at markets. For many it's been their only outing of the week, and their lifeline. Lots of people have discovered your produce for the first time and we hope that it's a habit they continue to follow next year.

If you've not been able to get to markets this year, we hope that you are well and able to return next year.

Customer have been asking whether the markets are going ahead under Tier 3 and of course, they are. Food markets remain vital resources. The last market of the year for most markets will be 23rd December. For Blackheath and Queens Park it will be 27th December. We return as normal on the 2nd and 3rd January 2021. If you can't attend early January markets please can you let Ian know.

If you have any concerns or challenges about 2021 drop us a line when you have 5 minutes to think about the year ahead

We wish you a very happy Christmas, and a very happy New Year. Hope you get time to relax with your families.

Payment Changes 2020

This year has advanced the demise of cash payments by customers on the markets and the knock on effect will mean that we need to change the way you pay the fees and means finding a new solution for everyone. A survey we carried out at one market said that customers had changed their habits in the last few months and 50% of customers now ONLY use card (they dont carry cash anymore). The current cash arrangements will not be sustainable in the long term as fewer and fewer stalls will have cash to pay the fees on the day and having a situation where some stalls pay by cash, some by bank payment and some by credit card is not manageable in the long term. The simplest solution for all concerned when it comes to regular payments is a direct debit solution. This will mean working out your average payment at a market over the last few months to a year or from an audit and then setting this up as a fixed weekly payment, you will be emailed a VAT invoice. We are working with a provider at the moment and expect to test the first market in early 2021. Most stalls pay very similar fees throughout the year with only a little variation week to week so an average fee will just even out payments across the year. Your new fixed average fees will be kept at the right level by audits very similar to what we do now.

On a related point: if you don't have a card reader at every market yet use the Christmas break to get them ready for 2021- you are losing sales if 50% of customers cannot shop with you!

Farm Visits / Production Visits

This will start again in 2021 ( a small number of outside visits have been completed in 2020). We are keen to get out to see what you are growing and what's new. Clearly social distancing outside on visits is easier than inside, but if you want us to wear a mask or whatever you need us to do to keep the visits safe please let us know.

Bird Flu back again

If bird flu has affected you in any way please let us know. If it's similar to last time, with eggs that have to be sold as free range instead of organic, we can write a piece explaining why to customers.

Extra Christmas markets- Reminder

We have added High Street Kensington to the list of markets we will run on the 23rd December and we will open at Queens Park and Blackheath on the 27th December. Let Ian know if you would like to attend any of these additional markets or any of those already announced (see below) as there are a few spaces left.

Extra Christmas market dates Wednesday 23rd December

10am-1pm Parliament Hill, West Hampstead, Swiss Cottage, Islington, Blackheath, Marylebone, Queens Park

9am-12pm Balham, Wimbledon, Pimlico, South Ken and Notting Hill.   

Twickenham, Ealing and High Street Kensington will be for collections only on the 23rd.with no manager as we won't get permission to use the space; we will reserve some space for stalls wanting to attend to distribute orders from vans.


Stall audits are continuing; auditors have been given COVID guidance and a risk assessment has been carried out. Our team must wear a mask if in / on your stall. As usual it is easier to carry out an audit if your staff cooperate which means sharing sales info and speaking loudly or writing down the sales transaction which will mean our team can keep their distance. We are happy for businesses to share sales data / transaction history with us from their card machines which may reduce the need for regular audits at the stall in the future. If you’d prefer this method of audit then please let us know.

We are specifically looking at businesses who never vary their payments to us especially at busier times of the year. We are disappointed at the number of recent audits already showing routine underpayments. Businesses who demonstrate a clear lack of interest in reporting accurate sales from week to week will be charged a fixed minimum fee going forward and this is likely to be higher than the rate we find on an audit, especially when there is a wide margin of error. We have worked very hard to keep the markets open this year with huge additional staffing costs, it is simply not fair for a majority of businesses to pay the correct fee according to sales and others to try and get away with paying less. Thank you  in advance for your cooperation.

A couple of reminders about the current rules:

Hot Food

We're trying to ensure that customers are not eating hot food within the market. All hot food must be sold closed and ready to take off-site to avoid lingering and overcrowding


No samples of any kind are allowed to be offered.- please don't use cocktail sticks at all the make a real mess and schools in particular hate them.

6 Nov 2020

The second lockdown is here but all our markets are going ahead this weekend. There will be no changes to the way we currently operate but we will keep hot food and drink sales under review and if we find they are encouraging people to linger at markets we may have to suspend them as we did during the last lockdown.

Portaloos have been distributed to all markets where they are needed with the exception of South Kensington where there was an issue with delivery. There is a public toilet available outside South Kensington tube station but you will need a 20p to use it!

We may be putting down chalk marks to help guide your queues in busy markets or congested areas. Please encourage your staff to wear masks if they are working in close proximity to customers.

8 Oct 2020

September brought queues back to many markets where we're limiting numbers. We're moving people through as fast as we can by encouraging customers to shop alone, not to hang around for long and to take hot food out of the market, we expect to keep entrance queues shorter to help your sales but please serve quickly and encourage customers to move on it will help everyone's sales.

Please continue to stay safe; keep your distance from customers as much as you can. Wash your hands with soap and water as much as possible or use hand sanitiser especially after using the loo. Avoid touching surfaces and do not touch your face. Do not socialise with neighbouring stalls.

Make sure you have hand sanitizer on your stalls. If you're sick, stay home! 

Use a selfie stick for card readers, tape them to your gazebo legs or place at the front of your stall. If you're still only taking cash please do consider accepting card payments. It's become the most commonly asked question from customers. 

tomato stall selfie stick

Important - Invoicing for stall fees

We had been invoicing for a few stall fees that could not be paid on the day because of a lack of cash. We are no longer doing this because we still need to focus our staff resources on keeping the markets open and not chasing unpaid invoice payments or payments made in error. It is simpler to pay on the day for everyone;  stalls expect to get paid on the day and for the time being so do we. We are working on an electronic payment solution so fees can be paid without CASH but it will take sometime to put in place, one system, so something that will suit everyone.

We now require stall fees to be paid at market with cash or a cheque. Stallholders that have struggled to pay with cash have found using cheques works well. Please make arrangements to have cash to pay fees or to get a cheque book from your bank for the purpose.

Face Coverings 

We encourage all our customers and stallholders to wear a mask at our markets.

The legal position however, as far as we understand, is that masks are not mandatory. The Cabinet Office issued the following clarification to the trade association NABMA earlier this week:

“The new measures will extend the requirement to wear a face covering to staff where it already exists for customers in retail environments. This would therefore apply to all indoor market settings (where it currently applies to customers) but not outdoor market settings (where it currently does not).”

Market opening times

Markets are opening early if all stalls are set up and vehicles removed and it's safe to do so. Managers are being asked to ring the market bell to mark the opening time so it's clear to everyone when the market is open. 

Track and Trace                                                                                                                                       

All closed sites are being given Track and Trace signs that customers can opt to scan and check in. 

Hot Food Lines                                                                                                                                   

We're ensuring that customers are not eating hot food within the market. All hot food must be sold closed and ready to takeaway off-site. This is to help move numbers through the market, especially on gated sites with queues. Please make sure that your HACCP is up to date including COVID secure measures.  You will need to continue with COVID measures including not putting out cutlery or condiments, sealing containers and making it clear to customers that the food is to take away and not eat on site. You will also need handwashing and exceptional personal hygiene on your stalls. If your queues are unmanageable or the market is too congested with people eating we will stop hot food sales again.


No samples at all please. We realise that this is different from previous advice but it's been confusing for some stall holders and our managers keep finding cocktail sticks on the ground so it's easier to say no to all sampling.

Keep your distance

Please do not socialise in groups with other stallholders or customers and keep 2m from each other. Don’t get too close to your neighbouring stall, bring a side sheet to help. Come to market to sell and then leave. It is very easy to be complacent and to forget that there is a pandemic and you are vulnerable. 


'Our' scammer is back at markets; he was spotted at Islington two weeks ago and sadly, fooled a stall holder into handing over cash. It's the same old story; he approaches a stall holder, usually a woman on their own and says he's come from the boss with a request to collect cash to pay for something (vehicle parts etc). He'll pretend to call to confirm. DO NOT HAND OVER ANY CASH. We've been sharing this same message for years but because it doesn't trickle down, your stall holders are continuing to get scammed. Please let all of your stall holders know. Share the link to this news with everyone who works for/with you. Managers should have leaflets with his image to hand out if requested and two images of him are below.

If this happens to you, call the police and alert the market manager. If you can call whilst he's at the market it's a 999 call. 


fraudster 2016

Away from markets?

If you have spent an extended time away from markets because of personal issues or shielding we will do our best to find you a space on our markets but we cannot guarantee to offer you a space immediately when you want to return, or to give you the same schedule or markets you were at before you took time out, any concerns please get in touch.

Customers continue to say thank you, every week that our markets have remained open and thanks should be shared with the managers and stewards who have put themselves on the front line with you through this difficult time.


High Street Kensington: opened two weeks ago. It could replace Notting Hill once building works begin there but for the moment it's a sister market every Sunday, a lovely tree lined road which we get to close to traffic for 4 hours which the local residents are really enjoying.

High Street Kensington

Queens Park Lates: On FRIDAYS, has paused weekly from this week until the Spring. But we have some exciting seasonal special dates for Halloween- 30th October and pre Christmas -27th Nov and 4th and 11th Dec. If you want to attend with Christmas goodies let us know.

Parliament Hill Sundays: It's still early days, we do need a few more stalls to attend and remember if it rains on Saturdays through the winter customers won't always queue but they will come out on a Sunday if you are there.

Imperial: We hope to reopen soon discussions with the college are advanced we are waiting for a date. 

Bloomsbury: Unfortunately has been put back until 2021, we are targeting a date of 1st April 2021.  We have been discussing options with the colleges and finding out when students will be back. We may open with a smaller number of stalls and rotate stalls to test demand. News on the hospital markets is still limited; we will update you as soon as we can.



We know that a few of you are already advertising Christmas poultry orders. Please let us know if you have any information you want shared with customers. If you won't be attending Christmas markets and doing drop offs please let us know. We reported earlier this year about consumer research that said many people were planning to splurge on a good Christmas instead of taking an expensive holiday this year so we hope that all your orders will be healthy.

Extra Christmas market dates Wednesday 23rd December - YES all on one day!

10am-1pm Parliament Hill, West Hampstead, Swiss Cottage, Islington, Blackheath, Queens Park

9am-12pm Balham, Wimbledon and Notting Hill.  

Subject to council permission;

9am -noon Pimlico and South Ken

10am – 1pm Marylebone and Walthamstow 

Twickenham, and Ealing will be for collections only on the 23rd.with no manager as we won't get permission to use the space; we will reserve some space for stalls wanting to attend to distribute orders from vans.


Please let Ian know by 16th October if you'd like to attend, even if it's not your usual market. Can you also please let him know if you'll be doing orders and dropping off outside of market hours so we can inform customers. 

Markets will then reopen on the 2nd and 3rd January. If you're not going to attend PLEASE let Ian know.


Still getting requests for lard from high high welfare pigs. Is anyone making it?

That's all from us for now. Any feedback you'd like to share?

Kind regards

All of us at LFM



As the school holidays start we have seen the usual exodus from London, more so in some cases as people have been allowed to travel for the first time in 3 months. Customers will be back, but  there will be a few slow weeks to come.

To start on a serious note we have received a complaint about sexualised comments and harassment across more than one market and involving more than one business. Please do not assume that this relates to your business but we wanted everyone to know. We consider the matter serious enough that we should write to everyone to remind every business that this is not acceptable behaviour at our markets. 

Please refer to rule 20 that you agreed to when you accepted our offer to trade at the markets. Such behaviour in any work place or public place will not be tolerated in relation to anyone at the markets including other stallholders, our staff and customers. We will take swift action against anyone / any business engaging or ignoring this sort of behaviour to ensure it does not take place on the markets.

For the avoidance of doubt sexual harassment includes but is not limited to:

-Intrusive sexually explicit questions

-Rating a person’s sexual attractiveness

-Unwelcome patting, hugging or touching of a person’s body, hair or clothing

-Offensive or suggestive sexual comments 

-Disparaging remarks to a person about her/his gender, body or gender identity

-Making sexual gestures with hands or through body movements

-Jokes about sex or gender stereotypes

It is everyone’s responsibility to act with mutual respect. Our markets should be a comfortable working environment for everybody. Harassment of any sort is not something anyone should have to put up with. If you see or hear anything you are concerned about please email the office or mention it to a manager. London Farmers Markets encourage everyone to report any concerns or complaints about sexual harassment to us or to the relevant authorities and we will take appropriate action.


It's now time to change the message we are giving out to customers. We will be focusing on the positives our markets offer, the main one being that we are outdoors which we hope will encourage even more customers to try the markets in September.

You are now allowed to socially distance at 'one metre plus', but the advice is still to stick to two metres where you can, to protect yourself from catching coronavirus. Masks or face coverings are not required outdoors but you can wear them if you think your circumstance require them.


Please do not socialise in groups with other stallholders or customers and keep 2m from each other. Don’t get too close to your neighbouring stall,  bring a side sheet to help. Come to market to sell and then leave. It is very easy to be complacent and to forget that there is a pandemic and that you are vulnerable. 

To minimise the risk of transmission via surface contact, you should:

Regularly wash your hands using soap and water or use hand sanitiser especially after using the loo. Avoid touching surfaces and do not touch your face.

Current measures at markets with gates will stay in place until September when we will review them in relation to government advice, but more customers will be let in from August and you shouldn't see any queues outside the market for the time being. We have increased numbers of customers onto gated sites in line with social distancing updates. There are now shorter queues outside and more shoppers in the market and we will continue to improve on this where possible. The stewards will stay for the time being to prevent congestion on sites and to help managers with problems but less chalk and more common sense! Temporary toilets are being removed where there are more hygienic cafes and alternatives nearby. 

We hope to reopen South Ken & Bloomsbury mid-week markets in October. We have been discussing options with the colleges and finding out when students will be back. We may open with a smaller number of stalls and rotate stalls to test demand. News on the hospital markets is limited; we will update you as soon as we can.

If you have spent an extended time away from markets because of personal issues or shielding we will do our best to find you a space on our markets but we cannot guarantee to offer you a space immediately when you want to return, or to give you the same schedule or markets you were at before you took time out, any concerns please get in touch.

New Markets

We have launched Queens Park Lates on Fridays which has gone well and Parliament Hill on Sundays which has been a bit slow to start. Customer surveys shows that less than 50% of customers shop at these markets weekly on their existing days of operation. We will therefore give them more options to shop on a different day and to try at the same time to reduce the length of queues outside now before winter. We will get your feedback and review their performance in September. It’s likely that Queens Park Lates will take a seasonal break when the school returns in September and will mainly feature hot food.


We've introduced hot cooked food back into markets.

If you aren’t cooking yet please get ready. Please make sure that your HACCP is up to date including COVID secure measures.

You will need to continue with COVID measures including not putting out cutlery or condiments, sealing containers and making it clear to customers that the food is to take away and not eat on site. You will also need handwashing on the stall and exceptional personal hygiene on your stalls. 

Notting Hill

The secretary of state has granted permission for the development. There are a few more legal hurdles for them to get through but it now looks like the development is going ahead. We will keep you updated on time frames and alternative locations as soon as we have more information. We may have a new site ready to go and we are likely to trial this on Sundays rather than Saturdays with a September opening date.


Some of our markets take place in areas where local authorities limit or ban signs for markets and refuse planning permission for them. We think this is unfair and gives an advantage to big chains and shops over markets. Rather than moan about this we have designed and built a trailer which can take interchangeable signage panels and will be left in high profile locations to help boost our more hidden markets. Hopefully you will see it about.


Any feedback for us? It's the start of school holidays; whether we'll see the traditional downturn in sales at some markets remains to be seen; some markets were quiet last weekend but fewer people are expected to go overseas this summer.

Research shows consumers are planning a big Christmas instead of holidays abroad. ‘Treating’ is a key trend, with loyalty shifting to local shops and we hope, farmers markets!

Thank you to those of you who have managed to attend during COVID; we know it's not been easy. To those of you who are shielding, we miss you and hope to see you back at markets soon. If you have any news or updates please let us know.

Customers continue to share their gratitude every week that our markets have remained open and thanks should be shared with the managers and stewards who have put themselves on the front line with you through this difficult time.

If there is any news or info you'd like to share with customers, please let us know we have 1000's of customers on email who would love to hear about your products. We’d particularly like to hear from you if you sell meat/poultry/eggs/fish/dairy/game. It’s easier to promote seasonal fruit and vegetables and we’d like to be able to talk about your products too. We would also really appreciate it if you could share some up to date farm shots/portraits. It's been pointed out that some of the images we're using are (ahem) a few years old but if we don't have anything up to date, you'll keep your eternal youthfulness....


It is hard to predict what effect the relaxation of the social distancing rules and the re-opening of shops will have on the markets this weekend. We remain bound by the local authorities interpretations of the distancing rules for markets so you will see little or no discernable changes in layouts yet although we hope to get more customers through the markets in the coming weeks.

At present we have increased costs and less stall space on the markets so it is vitally important to us to keep the markets as full as possible. With lockdown eased and the holiday season coming up we will now, where we don't recieve 10 days notice by email to [email protected], be charging no show fees automatically.

Please ensure you have, at the very least, hand sanitiser for your staff on all your stalls from this weekend.


Last weekend was a bit quieter with shops now open and fathers day reducing queues outside. We are now letting more customers back into the market sites, space permitting and will continue to keep this under review to try and reduce queuing times further for customers

Hot food will now see a  slow phased return back on to markets where there is space to queue, our priority is still for customers to do their shopping and we cannot afford to have people lingering in the market eating. We will contact you individually when this is permitted, it may still take sometime on gated markets. To ensure you are are ready you should update your HACCP and send it to us to demonstrate you have considered the issues around COVID. In addition to your own measure we will require the following:


SEALED FOOD BOXES - and tell customers to eat outside of the market area- put the order on a table rather than risking direct contact with the customer



NO EXTRA SPACE FOR COOKING use your existing stall area

QUEUE MANAGEMENT- simple menu and serve quickly - if you cause congestion we will stop you cooking.


Stall COVID Healthcheck

Have you updated your HACCP and risk assessments for your stalls?- now is the time to keep your staff and food safe - use this helpful guide

Invoice payments

We are not accepting invoice payments from any new businesses that have not already been issued with an invoice.  We still urge everyone to send cash or cheques to markets to avoid making payments by invoice. We will be introducing an additional charge to pay by invoice so bringing cash or cheque will be the cheaper option. Invoices that are issued must be paid immediately or you will be prevented from trading at the following weeks markets.

Hot Food

We will continue with the ban on hot food sales inside the markets for the time being, for 2 main reasons; We want customers to shop quickly and leave so that we make space for more customers in the market as we have limited customer capacity due to social distancing. Eating in the market will increase the time customers spend in the market reducing the numbers we can let in. Queuing for Hot Food reduces space for social distancing in the market, so it will just cause more congestion. Where we can we will try and set up food hatches on some markets perimeters so that some stalls can serve hot food to customers outside of the market. We experimented with this last week at Queens Park and it was quite successful but it highlighted the above in that we do not need an additional queue of 10 people for hot food inside the market at the moment. We will consider requests for freshly baked products like pies in the market if they are boxed / bagged and sealed for take away. Grilled meats / BBQ's will not be permitted at the moment.

Wimbledon - protecting the tarmac surface from vehicle damage

We have come up with a plan to reduce the number of vehicles accessing the site and to reduce the number of vehicles turning on the surface. Most vehicles will now not be permitted to drive on to the playground at all - you will need to trolley your goods around from the car park. Any vehicles entering the playground will be given clear instructions on how to drive on. Most will be required to reverse on and to drive off in a straight line to avoid any turning. You will not be able to park behind your stall anymore unless we have given you clear permission

We have been getting reports of high prices for hand sanitiser from cash and carries and usual suppliers. Try this  Large containers but just buy a pump and some smaller containers and make up your own small bottles for stalls or this one but its more expensive

A cheap way to improve customer confidence

Stalls with ready to eat foods are seeing higher sales when they put a barrier on the front of the stall. If you are selling ready to eat products and don't want to wrap your stall in clingfilm each week as a barrier, we saw this excellent solution at the weekend which is a clear vinyl table cloth if you buy some sticky velcro so that it sticks to the roof of your gazebo you have a great barrier for your staff and for your stall. The tablecloths are 3 m x 1.4 m so are a perfect size for the front of your stall. They are £5 each on amazon.

You can set up some empty crates at the side of your stall and take payment there

Clear stall barrier


We are looking forward to the bank holiday weekend. The weather will continue to be kind if a little breezy here and there.

Lockdown rules have been relaxed but social distancing rules have not. We are continuing with the current market layouts with a few tweaks and controlling customer numbers to maintain space on the markets. Please bring side sheets for your gazebos if you have them so that we can place stalls next to each other with an effective screen between the people working on the stalls.

We must continue to take hygiene very seriously so please ensure you have hand washing/sanitising equipment on your stall and that it is laid out such that your seller can maintain distance between themselves and your customers.

There are still some stalls that are not taking sufficient cash to pay their fee and asking to be invoiced after the market. We cannot sustain the administartive burden of doing this. Please bring sufficient cash or a cheque to market to pay your fees on the day.

The latest government guidance on re-opening and/or adapting food businesses during the COVID - 19 outbreak can be found here:

A note on the ULEZ and Congestion charge which is now being charged again so make sure you pay before you drive into central London at the weekends:

Congestion Charge/ULEZ zone - Transport for London

Congestion Charge: No charge 18:00-07:00 on weekdays or on weekends, public holidays or any days between Christmas Day (25 Dec) and New Year's Day (1 Jan) ULEZ: Operate midnight to midnight, every day of the year, except Christmas Day (25 Dec) LEZ: Operates midnight to midnight, every day of the year. Find out more about paying the Congestion ...

We have also been informed that the congestion charge will be payable at weekends in addition to ULEZ payments in the central area from 1st June which will directly impact all businesses attending the Marylebone market and others who drive though the centre. Pimlico Road Farmers Market is outside the zone just so you can avoid the congestion charge but the ULEZ payments will apply to all markets.

In addition we expect traffic wardens to return to work this week and enforcement of single yellow lines to start again so if you have been chancing it you may now get a ticket especially at Pimlico – follow the advice to the free parking areas or pay by phone to park on a metre.


We continue to tweek market layouts to allow as many of you able to trade as possible. If you are at a market your stall is close to the stall next to you please bring side sheets for your gazebo if you have them, this will provide a barrier between you and the stallholder on the next stall.

Payments at market

We must re-iterate our request from last week that you bring CASH to market to pay your market fees. Alternatively some businesses have issued their staff with cheques made out to London Farmars Markets to be filled in with the fee amount at market which works well.


Last weekend was encouraging, customer numbers held up once again at all markets. We improved the market layout at Parliament Hill, Marylebone, Wimbledon to give everyone even more space. Due to allowing space for queues we have had to reduce stall numbers at most markets, some stalls have been requeuested to attend fortnightly to ensure that we can accomodate as many businesses as possible and we may have to look at less essential stalls attending less frequently at some markets. Layouts will keep changing as we try to improve queueing so do not expect to stay in the same location on each market.

Earls Court and Ladbroke Grove

Both markets have been performing poorly for sometime, we had decided to close Earls Court before the virus took hold and with the reduced footfall on portobello road at the moment there is no point continuing with just 3 stalls at Ladbroke Grove. Ladbroke Grove will close this weekend until further notice we may try and reopen. Earls Court will close Sunday 3rd May, there is some talk of a local group taking it on but we have heard nothing from the school to confirm this. With some of our staff away or isolating, like everyone we are working with a smaller pool of staff and we need to keep staff available to ensure the better performing markets can continue to remian open.

Testing food workers

Government roles out testing for key workers this includes those in food production and food retail so incudes you. It is now more important than ever that you and your staff  do not come to markets if you feel ill or have any symptoms, now you and your families can get tested if you have any concerns to see if you are safe to travel.

Payments at market

Despite testing an invoice system in recent weeks we are unfortunatley not in a postion to continue with this at the moment and must request that you bring CASH to market to pay your market fees. We are currently spending thousands just to keep the markets open with extra staff and management on all markets and the head office team fully engagaed weekly at the markets helping with social distanicng, there just arent the office resources available to be managing a new invoicing system and checking who has paid and who hasn't. If you are currently just using card payments at market please send enough cash with your staff to pay the market fees at the end of the market on the day, most stalls pay a very similar amount each week so it should be possible to plan ahead.


With Easter behind us markets will be closer to capacity this week and our first priority remains ensuring that we maintain social distancing, keeping you and your customers safe.

  • Check your staff are healthy before sending them to Markets- tell them not to come if they have a fever or cough
  • There will be changes to the layout of some markets this weekend in order to achieve better queue management and your stall may be moved - please do not argue or question the manager as they implement the change.
  • Customer numbers will be slowed down coming into the market to avoid queuing
  • We have hired in toilets in areas where local toilets have shut - these will be cleaned and serviced weekly and locked only for stallholders to use. 
  • Stewards may be firmer with your queues and ask customers to get into other queues if they are too long
  • Queues are being regulated with chalk marks on the ground - make sure your customers stick to them
  • Move your queues up and along your stall front. Shout at your queue to move them along.
  • DO MORE to keep customers 2m from your staff to protect them and keep them well. Tape your card reader to your gazebo leg or use a selfie stick. Put a table between yourselves and your customers.


Please don't call for updates, use the line for emergencies and to report attendance or to request more markets. Information about whether markets are open will be left here or emailed to you directly.


HAPPY EASTER. some stalls are having a weekend off so there will be more space so please use it. Please try and leave at least 1m gaps each side of your stall between your neighbours. Toilets have now been sorted at all markets - At Ealing the managers will have a pass to get you in to Sainsburys, at Pimlico we have arrangements in place with local shops, please ask the manger for details when you arrive, at Marylebone La Fromagerie is continuing to offer their facilities.

Marylebone will now be gated to ensure customer numbers can be controlled and that your staff and customers are fully protected. Entrance for customers will be in Moxon Street, stewards will control numbers entering.

Still keep thinking of new ways to keep your staff away from customers as much as possible

We are asking customers to come alone, your staff can do the same to reduce the number of visitors in the market


Our first priority is to ensure that we maintain social distancing, keeping you and your customers safe.

  • Your stall may be moved to help spread out queues- do not argue or question the manager.
  • Customer numbers will be slowed down coming into the market to avoid queuing
  • We have hired in toilets in areas where local toilets have shut - these will be cleaned and serviced weekly and locked only for stallholders to use.
  • Stewards may be firmer with your queues and ask customers to get into other queues if they are too long
  • Queues will be regulated with chalk marks on the ground - make sure your customers stick to them
  • Move your queues up and along your stall front. Shout at your queue to move them along.
  • DO MORE to keep customers 2m from your staff to protect them and keep them well. Tape your card reader to your gazebo leg or use a selfie stick.


Dear Farmers and Producers,

We hope you had a reasonable weekend in what is currently a challenging trading environment. The government this week made it clear that it wants food retailers and food markets to keep going through the crisis and to continue to offer the essential service that they provide so thank you for making such a great effort to continue attending the markets at this difficult time.  We realise that in coming weeks you may need to take time out to self isolate or due to staff sickness but rest assured we will aim to keep the markets going whilst you are away. If you do need to take a break from your regular schedule please consider trying to offer a reduced service where you can even to just make guest appearances, we can let customers know that you are coming. We are doing more at markets to protect you and your staff and your customers, this has mostly been achieved by limiting customer numbers on site, reviewing stall layouts and spreading out queues. You are an essential service, do not let anyone tell you differently and working on the frontline like other workers during this crisis should be applauded too. If you have any queries or concerns please give us a call during the week or if you require additional markets drop us a line.

Our social distancing measures were stepped up a notch at the weekend and worked without a hitch:

At Pimlico and West Hampstead the sites were fenced and customers queued patiently, we limited customer numbers to around 50 at one time, the police and council officials inspected the sites and gave them a thumbs up. Notting Hill was also gated with a changed stall layout which gave a massive amount of space to customers. We managed to purchase the fencing just before everything shut.

Over 20 stewards were recruited across all markets to help manage the queues and to get them to spread out.

On all gated sites customer capacity was limited to comfortable numbers to protect everyone and adhere to the governments social distancing measures.

We have had 100’s of positive comments from customers about the measures we have taken and that the markets are staying open for them at this time of need.

Chalk boxes were drawn on the ground to help customers to queue correctly.

The Police visited Blackheath Farmers Market, but only to buy some eggs, so nothing to see here, except the acres of social distancing on offer. We may need to move a few stalls around to ensure police vans that park there can exit safely now that we are using a lot more of the car park.

We will update you with any changes before next weekend. We may need to change market stall layouts to increase social distancing at some markets. We ask you not set up until the manager arrives, please follow these requests or you may need to move your stalls when they do.

Please keep looking at new innovations for keeping your distance from customers, this weekend we saw card readers on phone sticks and rope across the front of stalls and extra tables out front as measures to keep distance from your customers.

Thanks You for keeping London customers supplied over the last few weeks, see you next week.

Best Wishes

All at London Farmers Markets

27/03/2020. All our markets will be open this weekend.

There will be further changes to how markets operate this weekend. Please plan how you can manage your stall to improve social distancing. 

All sales of hot food and drink will cease immediately (more info below)


( Only call for emergencies and to report attendance or to request more markets. Information  about whether markets are open will be left here or emailed to you directly so please don't phone for updates )

You can find the governments list of permitted businesses HERE which includes food markets

We will all need to do more this week to ensure that we comply with the 2 metre distancing rules.

KEEP YOUR STAFF AWAY FROM THE PUBLIC- tie string across the front of your gazebo to stop them leaning in too far










We have been emailing and phoning you for your thoughts ( hopefully all of you by next week) about the current issues impact the markets and your business. From this weekend, in addition to the measures we have already asked you to put in place, we require that you implement the following:

Social distancing - keep as much distance between yourself, neighbouring stalls, friends and the public. Work behind a table if you do not already KEEP YOU AND YOUR STAFF HEALTHY

  • Manage your queues ask them to MAKE THE GAP at least 1m

Stall displays - reduce the amount on display and serve from stock at the back of your stall.

Hot food - wrap hot food for taking away and consuming off site. We will not be setting out seating at markets to discourage people from lingering on site.

Samples - do not leave samples out for customers to pick up. If you offer them you must keep them at the back of your stall and hand them individually to customers.

We would also encourage you to follow the lead of some stalls last weekend who were trying gently to dissuade customers from buying too much. Reassure them that we will be here next week.

Where possible this weekend we will open markets half an hour earlier and prioritise older people in that time. Where we can we will spread stalls out a little so your stall position may change.

If you require more sales outlets in coming weeks please get in touch, we will have temporary spaces to cover through staff sickness or production and we may open up some additional loctions if there is demand.


Keep up to date with news of our markets here and follow @Londonfarmers on Instagram and Twitter and the markets' pages on Facebook.

Very best wishes from all of us at LFM.

A reminder from last week:


  • If you have a fever don’t come to market, get tested! Tell all your staff this message
  • Hand washing on ALL stalls so traders can wash hands regularly- hot water flask and bowl. More regular hand washing, for at least 20 seconds for all traders; wash your hands before you start selling and handling food, this includes veg and fruit stalls and those selling pre packed items. If you don’t have a hand wash station the manager may ask you if you have washed your hands since arriving don’t be offended just do it. Antibacterial wipes and gels for hands if you can get hold of any- especially if you aren’t planning or able to use bowls, soap and water on your stalls for hand washing.
  • Don’t put out condiments, cheese, pickles etc. Ask what customers want and do it yourself. Give out cutlery, don’t leave it out for customers to help themselves.
  • Cover the nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with a tissue or flexed elbow.
  • Use paper tissues only once and dispose of them carefully, then clean hands with soap and water or alcohol based disinfectant gel.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Hands touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses. Once contaminated, hands can transfer the virus to your eyes, nose or mouth. From there, the virus can enter your body and can make you sick
  • Ask your regular customers if they have any concerns or suggestions regarding changes that might please them.Make sure your staff are aware of how the public may perceive them and their own personal hygiene
  • consider using gloves- buy them now in case you want to use them later on or are requested to by a change in government advice.
  • Potentially keep bagged or ready to eat products away from customers so they cannot be handled other than by staff on the stall – Veg and fruit should or will be washed or cooked anyway- but you still might opt not to let customers handle produce as this might be visibly concerning for some customers- THIS WILL BE DIFFICULT FOR SOME STALLS BUT IT MIGHT HELP GET THROUGH THE NEXT FEW WEEKS AND MONTHS AS A TEMPORARY MEASURE
  • SNEEZE SCREENS OR A SIMPLE WOODEN BOARD TO DETER CUSTOMERS FROM TOUCHING THE FOOD – Limited protection but a visible barrier may give customers reassurance
  • Take card payments and keep your card machines clean – customer may prefer to use cards rather than handling cash. Wash hands after cash transactions or just have one person taking cash
  • keep you stalls looking clean – clean surfaces and clean clothes at markets – clean surfaces with bleach or detergent when you pack down and set up.