If you want to get more involved with local food and farmers' markets, why not work with us?

We quite often require managers or stand by managers for our markets. If there is a market close to where you live, it's quite possible that we need a manager to work there or to cover the existing manager when they are away. We also look for people to help with promotional tasks and administration in our office. All work is paid on a self employed basis and is very part time.

If you are organised, efficient, and enthusiastic, and enjoy working with people then you should enjoy the work. But you must be prepared to get up early as some markets start at 7 am. Some of the work is quite physical so you must be prepared to lift and move equipment. Working outside all the time means you must be prepared to get wet and cold as well as enjoying the warm sunny days.

Please contact us telling us a little about yourself and why you're interested in what we do.

Typical managers day below:

  • The Market Manager is present at set up of the market (usually 2 hours before start of market). Duties involve unlocking the site (if necessary), co-coordinating the position of stalls, and putting up signs.
  • The Manager brings A boards, table, signs etc either from home or makes sure that there is safe local place to store and retrieve them on market day.
  • The Manager sets up a Market Manager's table with information about London Farmers' Markets and a comments book for the public.
  • The Manager rings the opening bell and ensures that there is no selling before the bell.
  • The Manager takes fees, issues a receipt, and records fees and attendance in a notebook.
  • After ringing the closing bell, the Manager supervises the clearing of the site and confirms that each stallholder has cleaned up.
  • The Manager sends a weekly market report LFM on market day and banks the fees as soon as possible using an assigned credit book.
  • The Manager sends an invoice to LFM monthly and is employed on a freelance basis.
  • The Market Manager talks to stall holders and customers and conveys those comments to LFM.
  • The Manager communicates with the office about producer attendance and makes sure that all producers have his/her mobile number so that they can call on the day if they are running late or cannot attend.
  • The Market Manager promotes the market during market hours, for example, by leafleting or talking to local businesses or community groups.