Sell with Us

Do you want to sell with us?

We welcome farmers, nurseries, fishermen, bakers, preserve makers and cooks at our markets. If you grow it or make it using local ingredients we may have a place for you.

We value conventional and organic production methods. Your sales staff must be involved in the business and be able to talk with knowledge about the products they are selling.

We can offer marketing advice and suggestions.

If you have sold at farmers markets before and it didn't work out, give our markets a try, or come and visit our markets to see how we do things differently.

We visit all farms and businesses before they sell at our markets. We expect to see receipts for local ingredients and movement books for livestock. Seed and plant receipts will also be requested along with details of cold storage. See our rules to check that you meet our standards, then email or phone us for an application form.

What will increase the chance of me getting a space?

Farmers / Growers: We look for heritage varieties and traditional breeds. Good stall presentation is key to good sales and we expect all stalls to look the part. Having more than one product will help your sales and make your stall more viable.

Cooks: We require you to use at least 50% seasonal and local ingredients in each product or dish. If you use meat and poultry it must be high welfare.

Bakers aren’t required to use a majority of local ingredients but we do ask that you use as many locally sourced and seasonal ingredients as you can and to always use natural fats and free range eggs.

Please e-mail us if you are interested in selling with us.

What gaps do we have currently?

We need more:


Dairy farmers producing cream and milk especially unhomogenized and raw milk

Dairy farmers making cheese

Beef, pork and lamb farmers who can cut meat to order on site

Top fruit and soft fruit growers, especially those with good storage to offer fruit for an extended season

Mushroom growers 

Application for secondary products (processed / baked foods)

Please read our rules carefully before applying.

If your products fall into the non-permitted category your application will be rejected so to avoid disappointment please do not apply. We get hundreds of applications each year for secondary products, and have limited spaces.

If you are considering setting up a new food business but are not trading yet please contact us only when you have had some experience of selling.

We will need to see proof of the origin of your ingredients.

Secondary Producer Permitted Categories

Baked Goods - Breads, cakes, biscuits, pies, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, pasta, pates, terrines, vegetarian and vegan snacks such as samosas & pakoras, dumplings.

Preserves - Jams, chutneys, sauces, cordials, soups

Puddings, ice cream, custards

Drinks - spirits and beer are permitted if you're a craft brewery, cordials if made from local fruit.

Secondary Producer Non permitted categories

Dips, wraps, chocolates and confectionary,  juices, cured meats and fish, imported foods – olives, olive oil etc

We do not permit secondary producers to grill meats on our markets.

To apply

Applications for secondary products are open for a limited time only each year.

If you think your products comply with our rules, to be considered for the application process please e-mail the following information:

1)            Your Full Name and Trading Name

2)            Your full business address and telephone number

3)            Your VAT number if applicable

4)            An outline and list of your products and where you currently sell them

5)            The name and address of the local authority where you are registered as a food business

We will get back to you to let you know if we can progress your application to the next stage.