London Farmers' Markets | What is happening to free range eggs and poultry?

What is happening to free range eggs and poultry?

March 1, 2023

Great eggs are still on our farmers markets every week, but due to government restrictions some changes are currently in place.

Due to the ongoing avian flu outbreak in the UK all keepers of poultry are currently required to keep them indoors. This is to ensure birds are kept safe from this devastating disease which is killing farmed and wild birds around the world. This is tough on the birds and for the farmers that care for them, we all know what lockdown was like!. None of the farms want to keep birds indoors any longer than absolutely necessary, as they would normally all be free range on our farmers markets. Whilst birds are kept indoors farmers are doing everything possible to keep them comfortable including reducing numbers and keeping bedding refreshed more often. As soon as the government allows farmers will let their flocks outdoors again. You can read about the restrictions HERE

If you have any questions talk to the stallholders, email the farms or send us an email. We will update you when restrictions change.