London Farmers' Markets | Markets will be open at Easter

Markets will be open at Easter

March 12, 2024

Easter falls early this year. Our markets will be open as ususal over the Easter weekend for you to get your hot cross buns and other Easter produce essential for the holiday.


Why buy free range chicken for your table this Easter?

The threat of bird flu is still there but has receded sufficiently for poultry to be allowed to roam free. Free range chickens have the opportunity to be outdoors, engage in natural behaviors, and experience a better quality of life compared to those raised in confined spaces. By choosing buy your free-range chicken at market, you are directly supporting ethical farming practices.

It is not only the chickens that benefit from the higher welfare standards. Free range chickens typically have access to a more varied diet because they can foraging on grass and insects. As a result, free-range chicken may contain higher levels of certain nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.


In season this month

Apples are still available from storage, and you will find beetroot, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, celery, celeriac, cauliflower, carrots, chard, claytonia, fennel,  herbs, Jerusalem artichokes, kale,  lettuce, leeks,  marrows, pak choi, parsnips, pears, spring bulbs, tulips and daffodils potatoes, peppers, purple sprouting broccoli, red, green & white cabbage, radishes, spinach, spring onions,  turnips, Tuscan kale, garlic, squash and pumpkins.

Wild garlic is just arriving in our woodlands and will be at markets this month. Delicious and great for home made pesto.

25 Hampers to be won

London Farmers Markets opened its first market in Islington in 1999 so this is our 25th anniversary year. To celebrate we are giving away 25 hampers over the course of the year.

The hampers are filled with lovely produce from the markets and lucky winners can collect them from their local market.


Easter Hamper

The 2 hampers we have up for grabs this month have an Easter theme. Amongst the items in the hamper will be delicious hot cross buns, eggs, a joint of lamb to roast and the veg to go with it.

Head to our Insta or FaceBook pages where details of the draw are posted. The closing date for entries is midnight on  the 24th of March. You must be able to collect your hamper from one of our weekend markets.

If any item listed is not available we will endeavor to substitute it with something similar.