London Farmers' Markets | Alfresco August

Alfresco August

Aug. 4, 2023

Summer is back (sort of) and even if it isn’t we are all used to market shopping in the rain so BBQing in the rain should be no problem for hardened market shoppers.

What’s good on the Barbie right now:

  • Great sustainable fish at markets to grill including - mackerel / brill / sea bass and hake.
  • Peppers / courgettes / aubergines – all grill well ..sprinkle on lemon juice and chopped herbs after cooking.
  • Rare breed lamb chops with rosemary and garlic – get the fire spitting and in 5 -10 minutes you will have the most delicious treat.
  • Fosse meadows chicken joints and thighs - marinade them over night and get them on the grill.
  • Plums roasted with star anise and brown sugar.

Top 5 BBQ tips for picnics and camping

  1. Use a reusable BBQ and keep it off the ground to prevent burn marks and reduce fire risk.
  2. Have a bottle of water or fire extinguisher handy (you never know!).
  3. Keep it simple unless you have time to marinade food for hours the day before just use simple spices: Salt + pepper and dry rubs such as fennel cumin and chilli to flavour meat and veg and a little olive oil.
  4. Cook sweet peppers whole; they taste better and retain their juices.
  5. Slice courgettes lengthways about as thin as £1 coin rub with oil and seasonings and grill – squeeze on lemon juice.

All farmers market rare breed free range meat tastes so good on the BBQ so we won’t try and teach you to suck eggs with tips on cooking it but if you want an inspiring recipe follow this link for burnt aubergine with charred egg yolk, tahini and chilli sauce from the Awesome Honey & Co.