London Farmers' Markets | COVID SECURE MARKETS


At our farmers markets there is more space to shop outside in the fresh air. If you want to avoid the busy times visit in the last hour and avoid any queues.

Outdoors is safer but this is not a reason for complacency, COVID 19 is impacting every business and we have reviewed what we can do to open safely. At every farmers market we have the following measures in place to help keep everyone safe:

  • Extra stewards to help with queues and manage access where required- don't be surprised if you are asked to spread out or give others space.
  • Reviewed market layout and created more space; moving stalls with queues into different locations
  • Extra signage to promote social distancing 
  • On busy markets; gated access and controlled customer numbers to prevent overcrowding
  • One way systems to help reduce congestion
  • Advice and support to stalls on their layout to help social distancing
  • Provided handwipes and sanitizer if no handwashing is close by
  • Check stalls have good hygiene in place at markets and follow up with stalls if there are issues
  • Reminding stalls and customers not to come to markets if they have any symptoms
  • Follow government advice closely and change our procedures accordingly when required

We encourage all our customers and stallholders to wear a mask at our markets.

The legal position however, as far as we understand, is that masks are not mandatory. 

The Cabinet Office issued the following clarification to the trade association NABMA earlier this week:

“The new measures will extend the requirement to wear a face covering to staff where it already exists for customers in retail environments. This would therefore apply to all indoor market settings (where it currently applies to customers) but not outdoor market settings (where it currently does not).”