London Farmers' Markets | Complaints Policy

Complaints Policy

We always take complaints seriously and will act on them immediately.

  • If you are a customer

Please tell the market manager who will pass on any complaints to our head office via their weekly report

If you can’t find the market manager please email us [email protected] and we will look into your complaint and reply within a week.

  • If you a stall holder

Please let the market manager know if it is something that needs resolving on the day and they will notify the person on call.

If it can wait please email us [email protected] and we will look into your complaint and reply within a week.

  • If you are a market manager

If the complaint is about a customer, another manager or stall holder please include the details in your weekly market report and it will be discussed at the LFM weekly meeting. If you consider the complaint sensitive contact the markets Contractor asap who may then contact Head Office directly. Please always include, the name of the complainant, contact details and suggested actions required.

If the issue needs resolving immediately i.e if you’re working and it's affecting you, please let the person on call know by phone

If the complaint is about one of the head office staff please ask your Markets Contractor to contact one of the Companies Directors.

If the matter is subsequently passed on to the Company and you would prefer to have the issue dealt with by a woman (or by a man), please let your Contractor know

  • If you are a contractor

As above, but contact head office directly.

All complaints will be dealt with in confidence by the appropriate person.

If you are not happy with the resolution, the complaint will be brought to the company chairman.

How complaints are resolved.

Complaints logged in the market report and Email complaints and those received by post are logged and the email kept on file. A reply to the complaint will be sent as soon as possible and will be followed up within a week of receiving it.

If the response to a complaint is unsatisfactory it is taken to our monthly board meeting for discussion. A response is then forwarded depending upon the outcome of the discussion.

As with complaints received at market, some complaints, depending upon the urgency will be dealt with the same day of receiving them, or within one or two days.

Verbal complaints may not be logged unless they need following up, e.g. if they are comments rather than a request for action.

Complaints by Council Officers will be recorded and kept on file and responded to within two weeks of receiving them.

If a complaint is complex and we wish to take it to our board, it will be acknowledged upon receiving it and the person given a time following the next board meeting when they may expect a response.