What do we do? We’re in London, and we run farmers markets!

We enable farmers to sell their products direct to the consumer so that they get a fair price for their work.

We aim to:

Increase farm incomes.

Provide high quality local and seasonal foods to urban communities.

Encourage sustainable methods of food production.

Support traditional animal breeds and heritage fruit and vegetable varieties.

Encourage Londoners to take an interest in food production, rural issues and share the joys of seasonal eating.

Advise farmers about what to grow and how to market local produce. 

Put you in direct contact with the farmers, fishermen, growers and bakers who make your food. 

Turn car parks, school playgrounds and town squares into communities where you can meet your neighbours, swap recipes and fill your shopping baskets.

Watch kids grow up enjoying the food they pick out at their local market. Hopefully it’s not all about the brownies.

Hear your stories about the relationships you make with your favourite stall holders and how your local market has changed the way you eat. 

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If you want a farmers' market in your area and have a suitable location in mind, get in touch and we might be able to help.

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Registered address 11 O' Donnell Court, Brunswick Centre London WC1N 1NY

VAT reg. no. 748948662. Registered in England No. 3815770


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