Parson's Green Farmers’ Market

The Parson's Green Farmers' Market is open every Sunday in a fantastic location: the Thomas's Academy on the New King's Road, just a short walk from Parson's Green station.

Lots of top-notch farmers and artisan producers attend weekly, including rare-breed poultry farmer James Evans of Pastures Farm, seasonal fruit from Pippins Orchard, and Eden Farm with excellent organic vegetables from their Lincolnshire farm.

This market takes place in a school playground and we kindly ask that you please leave your dogs tied up outside the gates.

For updates on the Parson's Green Farmers' Market, see the dedicated Facebook page.

Some farms accept credit cards, please do ask.

Market events coming up:

Last market of 2016; Friday 23rd December 9am-12pm. First market of 2017; Sunday 8th January

Thank you for voting for your favourite stalls. The 2016 winner is Oliviers Bakery

Produce available at Parson's Green:

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Producers selling at Parson's Green. Most attend weekly:

Deme fruit display oct 05 is
Chegworth Valley Juices
fruit vegetables drinks cooked food
Crazy Dave's Cider
Eden Farm mcu
Eden Farms
fruit vegetables
Debbie V with goat large 2012
Ellie's Dairy
meat cheese
5 Ways fruit farm
Fiveways Fruit Farm
fruit vegetables
Fabien BSY open day
Galileo Farm
meat poultry eggs cooked food
soup stall MA march 09
Mouthfull Food Company
cooked food
Olivers Bakery cu bread Oct 2015
Olivier's Bakery
bread-and-cakes cooked food
Pastures Farm Poultry
poultry eggs
Malcolm Stone Ealing feb 2011 cropped
Pippins Orchard
2009MA fair Popina stall
Rotherview Nursery
The Coffee Shot
Tomato Stall Cherry Vine
The Tomato Stall
2011 St Johns Wood opening Izzard 2
Wild Country Organics
fruit vegetables

The above list is only a guide. Some stalls may take a week off without notice, please contact the farms directly if you are making a special journey.

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