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Natasha made her first bottles of cordial from an Elder tree by her allotment. At the time she was working for a consulting firm and needed a creative outlet to escape her boredom.

She found herself foraging for more fruits in London, with bemused passers by observing as she shook apple trees to get the juiciest fruit from the top of the tree. With her first batches of cordials ready she stumbled into a farmer’s market, and when her entire stock of hundreds of bottles was sold over just a few weekends, what started as a fun idea suddenly felt like it could be a viable venture.

The Urban Cordial Company has moved on from foraging to buying their fruits from farms around London. The majority of fruits used are the odd looking fruits that supermarkets will not sell. This helps reduce the amount of food waste occurring in our farms.

The cordials are made by hand using only fruits that are in season. As a consequence, each batch is a little bit different, and the flavours rotate throughout the year to reflect the seasons.

This producer accepts card payments at some markets.

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