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The Mushroom Table

The Mushroom Table

About this producer

The Mushroom Table was founded as a partnership between brothers William and Matthew Rooney in 1995. The aim was to produce a range of exotic mushrooms as an alternative to the conventional white Agaricus which dominates the European mushroom industry. They began production in 1996 with two oyster mushrooms - Sonoma Brown Oyster Mushroom and Colchester Blue Oyster. Their principle crops continue to be Oyster mushrooms although the Colchester Blue has been replaced by the arguably superior Chocolate Oyster Mushroom. They have also developed cultivation methods for a dozen other mushrooms, many from local wild specimens and continue to collect new varieties to grow. William and Matthew were at the first London farmers market in June 1999. Since they have been attending farmers markets the cry has been going round the market "Ah! The mushroom man's here!" Customers should come and see what's on The Mushroom Table.

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