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Market Gourmet

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About this producer

Keith Bagley set up Market Gourmet to provide a range of Gourmet ‘convenience meals’ that are the equal of those served at a top class restaurant, but that do not have the unmistakable artificial taste of those currently on the market. Market Gourmet have achieved this by using the techniques of Sous Vide approaching it as a top Michelin restaurant would, not using the ‘Boil in the bag’ techniques of the processed food industry.

Meat and poultry is ethically and locally sourced, before being cooked using a mjixture of own recipes and adaptations of the classical repertoire, particularly from the French Bistro canon. They have a selection of handmade pates, rillettes and terrines, made with the same exacting attention to detail. They are constantly looking to utilize lesser known cuts, such as Ox Cheek, Ox Heart, Flat Iron Steak, Pork Cheek or Sweetbreads.

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