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Karen and Steve Reynolds left their London City jobs and really escaped to the country. Under the name Kingcott Dairy, and now with the help of children Emma, Frank and Archie, they produce one of the most delicious blue cheeses in the South East  - Kentish Blue, as well as producing their Kentish Free Range milk and cream.
Iden Manor Farm, just outside Staplehurst in the Weald of Kent, has been a dairy farm for more than 40 years, having previously been a hop farm and, back in the 1850s, a golf course. The farm currently milks around 100 Holstein Friesian and Brown Swiss cows, which are kept along the rules of the Free Range Dairy movement. They are free to graze and loaf in their large paddocks for around 7-8 months/year and are fed mainly home grown grass and maize silage. Animal welfare and comfort is a top priority, as happy, healthy cows naturally produce better quality milk.

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