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Forest Pigs

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Forest Pig produce some of the finest British charcuterie products from their own woodland reared free range pigs, including a wide range of salami.  Having travelled to Tuscany to learn from the salami masters, they use traditional artisan methods of production.

The pigs have a good outdoor start at home and are fed a GM free diet with no added growth promoters. Once grown to a good size, about 4 months, the young stock are moved out into the Wyre Forest to live in a totally natural environment and mature at a natural pace.

The Forestry Commission designate areas for the pigs to reduce vegetation to restore a natural balance to the woodland floor, aiding natural oak regeneration. They are moved constantly to ensure that their woodland diet is replenished and to prevent damage to the forest. They often source drinking water from naturally occuring ground water springs and although arks are provided, the pigs like to make their own nests!

Extensive research has been carried out into traditional recipes, but the Forest Pig charcuterie range is entirely their own. Jeremy loves to experiment to produce new and exciting flavours. We love the spiced walnut salami which won 2 gold stars at the Great Taste Awards.

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