We are open; shop alone, shop quickly, create space for others

May 28, 2020

Open This Weekend 30th & 31st May –  PLEASE keep your distance and come to market alone. Come later to avoid early morning queues.

Islington Farmers Market is gearing up to reopen soon. All other weekend markets are open except Ladbroke Grove.

This is in line with government instructions which authorise food markets to stay open during the crisis (see here.

Please help us to keep these essential food markets operating by observing managers instructions and following these guidelines:

Observe social distancing. People have been standing too close to each other. Follow government guidance of 2 metre minimum spacing.

  • Only person per household; if you come as a couple or a group of flatmates only one of you may be let in by the gate steward. This does not apply to elderly couples and single parents with children. Please do not queue separately and join up inside the market. Doing this means that you will slow down the queue for everyone as we're limiting numbers onto our gated sites.
  • At our gated markets we are limiting the number of people inside and we are managing a 2 metre spaced queue outside. The queue goes quickly and we are doing everything we can to make more space for shoppers in the markets to speed up the queues
  • Once the market has reached capacity, customers are allowed in only when someone else comes out to give everyone room to social distance

  • If you are in a vulnerable group, please do not risk your health by coming to the market.
  • Help protect others – do not come to the market if you have a cough or a temperature
  • Leave your dogs at home
  • Come to market at least an hour after opening; allow the elderly to shop first, there will still be strawberries left!
  • There is no shortage of food.
  • We intend to open throughout the crisis – there is no need to stockpile.
  • Stewards are in place to manage social distancing. 
  • Avoid stalls with the longest queues.
  • Some stalls are accepting cash, some are card only.
  • We regret we cannot assist with home delivery.

Blackheath Farmers Market