We are open; shop quickly, create space for others

Oct. 2, 2020

 All of our weekend markets are open every week, apart from Ladbroke Grove.

2nd October

You may find that you have to queue to get into your farmers market. We'll keep the queue as short as we can. You can help keep the queues short;

One person per household (within reason; we're not turning away couples, one parent families, the elderly or anyone who needs assistance shopping).

Please shop don't stop.

If you're buying hot/ready to eat food please take it outside the market once you've finished shopping.

We will open early if we can. The markets need to be safe with stalls set up and vehicles removed so we can't give a definitive time.

Stewards are in place at most markets to manage social distancing.   Most stalls accept cards, some are cash only.

Please keep your distance from other customers whilst at the market, in queues and whilst walking around.

We encourage all our customers and stallholders to wear a mask at our markets.

The legal position however, as far as we understand, is that masks are not mandatory. The Cabinet Office issued the following clarification to the trade association NABMA earlier this week:

“The new measures will extend the requirement to wear a face covering to staff where it already exists for customers in retail environments. This would therefore apply to all indoor market settings (where it currently applies to customers) but not outdoor market settings (where it currently does not).”

Government instructions authorise food markets to stay open during the crisis (see here.)

Please help us to keep these essential food markets operating by observing managers instructions and  observing social distancing. 

4th & 5th July;

Only one person per household. This does not apply to elderly couples and single parents with children. If you have to shop as a couple, please try to split up and shop at separate stalls to make your shopping trip extra quick and efficient.

We're limiting numbers onto our gated sites but queues are moving at a good pace. 

Come to market at least an hour after opening; the queues will be shorter.

Stewards are in place to manage social distancing.

Most stalls accept cards, some are cash only.

We regret we cannot assist with home delivery.

Blackheath Farmers Market