We are open

Dec. 16, 2020

Our farmers markets remain open every week.

All markets return from 2nd January 2021.

As providers of essential food and drink we're open every week whatever tier we're in, with measures in place to keep you safe.
Shopping outdoors is safer, but it is very important that we operate responsibly and follow our COVID SECURE plan. Please ensure you continue to observe the Government guidance to help keep everyone safe;

Keep 2m from others in queues, whilst shopping, and walking around the market. It's easy to forget if you're reaching across to take something from a stall.

Wear a face covering if possible

To help make shopping easier for everyone:

Shop quickly, shop alone and follow our teams' instructions especially in relation to entry and exits and any one way systems.

You may be asked to queue if the market is busy.

Thank you for your cooperation and your continued support throughout this difficult time.

Blackheath Farmers Market