Apple season is here

Oct. 2, 2020

Not just apples! Pears, plums, damsons, gages...

Sweetcorn, winter squash, hogget and mutton, shellfish, venison, beans, tomatoes. October is a great time to shop at our farmer markets.

Apple varieties; from well loved Cox, Discovery, Blenheim Orange, Worcester, to Santana, Katy, Russet and lots more varieties you'll never find in supermarkets. Pears; Conference, little Beth, Beurre Hardi, and more to come.

We have hundreds of varieties of apples and pears at our markets; here's some to look out for;

Katy – September –mid October

Worcester Pearmain – September – October

James Grieve – September – October

Lord Lambourne – Late September – October

Greensleeves – late September – October

Egremont Russet – October – December

Malling Kent – November – February

Spartan – October – February

Jupiter – October – January