Apple days

Sept. 20, 2018

Celebrate the arrival of English apples and pears at markets.   Sample a different variety of apple this weekend at your local farmers market. We have hundreds of varieties to try.

Malcolm Stone in orchard

We have hundreds of varieties of apples and pears at our markets; here's some to look out for;

Katy – September –mid October

Worcester Pearmain – September – October

James Grieve – September – October

Lord Lambourne – Late September – October

Greensleeves – late September – October

Egremont Russet – October – December

Malling Kent – November – February

Spartan – October – February

Jupiter – October – January

Perry Court Farm heritage apples

Look out for some of the rare varieties brought to market by Perry Court Farm in Kent around Apple Day, mid October including;

Aldermans Pippin


Gascoigne Scarlet

Histon Favourite


Cats Head

Beelye Pippin


Charles Ross

Rosemary Russet

Curl Tait

Washington Strawberry

Hewsons Golden Reinette

Belle de Boskoop

Blue Pearmain

Beauty of Kent


Issac Newton

King of Tomkins County

Nutmeg Pippin

Crawley Beauty

Pitmaston Pineapple

Merton Knave

Tydemans Late Orange

Allington Pippin

Norfolk Royal

King Pippin

And many more!