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Rather than a regular links page we thought you would like to hear about all the things we like that are related to farmers' markets and local food.

We like getting to market early so that we do not miss the limited supplies of foods that are rare or have a short season, so the first of the season purple sprouting, or limited supplies of ox tail. Ask the managers for the inside knowledge.

We like getting to market late, for those last minute deals and cut price offers.

We like SUSTAIN who campaign on food and farming issues and really support the local food sector and their great magazine for London 'The Jellied Eel'

We love the onset of spring when wild garlic and the first broad beans show; freshly picked cherries that appear on our markets in July, asparagus in May, the first apples in August and game season in October.

We like the Capital Growth project that supports food growing spaces in London

We like restaurants and cafes that use local farmers from the markets as suppliers, and say so!

Handmade Food - Blackheath, and Clerkenwell Kitchen  are two great examples.

We love Common Ground; an amazing charity who started Apple Day in the UK and run the Campaign for Local Distinctiveness.

Food Cycle does an amazing job collecting unsold vegetables from our markets at the end of the day. Their volunteers then create fresh healthy meals for people affected by food poverty.

We like growing our own food too and at markets there is a huge choice of plants for your garden, window boxes or allotment. 'Visit Your Allotment' magazine for tips on growing in the city.

LFM Founder Nina Planck, who grew up selling at American farmers' markets, and now writes a series of books called 'Real Food.' www.NinaPlanck.com

We love food bloggers who post recipes using seasonal ingredients from our markets. Hands up if that sounds like you, and we'll include you here.


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